Doc 7 -4/13/2020

1pm: Been getting into the habit of late starts for no good reason really. I ate breakfast, showered, sent out some more emails for McKinsey. By the time I was done, it was time for my 2:30 class. I skipped the 1pm and film doesn’t meet on Monday morning anymore.

4pm: Class got out. I answered a ton of questions because I like the professor. A whole yard sign fiasco was happening at Corner Gateway so I went in but ended up texting people and doing other work because mother was busy.

5:30pm: Headed to BJ’s and Trader Joes with Sabrina. Had a lot to buy but I was really just ancy to get some work done. Sabrina and I saw a neighbor who insisted we really should be wearing masks. Like a sheet of cloth would be the one thing to really stop this virus.

7:30pm: Met with group project members for 326 to make a plan. Worked it out then ate with the fam, went on a little walk, talked about mattresses (Brianna and her bed problems).

10pm: Quiet house so I finished working on more of a chapter of the book. Turns out I didn’t write nearly as well in this chapter so it’s frustrating and I have a lot of other work to do. Tabling the book editing for now. I juggle between not feeling confident enough in my writing to publish an eBook but also knowing the information is valuable for beginners.



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