12:30pm: It’s Saturday so I slept in. Ate, took a shower, then cleaned my room. Did some work in my room but really didn’t accomplish too much.

5pm: Made Pizza with Sabrina and family. Got the Bravazzi’s flowing, threw some wine into the mix. All the boys were buzzing, turned into a real family rager. Then we watched Spiderman from Plex.

10pm: Workout with Brianna and Sabrina. Shower then watched youtube in my room.

12:00am: Started and finished editing another chapter. Did some work for McKinsey. Ate bagels with Lox with Brianna. Starting making a Kahoot for tomorrow. Pretty chill vibes all day.

3:30am: Fell asleep

Goals (for tomorrow):

  • Finish McKinsey emails
  • Catch up on work
  • Finish another chapter
  • Start CS homework


  • Did a chapter
  • Big chilled all day (not great but sometimes we take the small victories)


  • U.S. becomes #1 in the world for most corona deaths (beat Italy)
  • Hair clippers and dyes are flying off the shelves of Walmart. People’s panic is turning to boredom.
  • Friends are working the night shift at Price Chopper and Hannaford.